Training Solutions

Training Solutions

Training Solutions

All Training Services are designed in a bespoke format after consultation with each client.

Matrix do not provide ‘off the shelf’ solutions but tailored programmes, delivered to our clients specification and requirements.

The consultation process with the client will define the approaches, strategies and capabilities that we will deliver as a solution.

Client representative training is an area where we excel, producing operating procedures that the clients organisation can adopt to ensure security, that we test and evaluate, using for example, situational awareness scenarios, before overseeing implementation into the clients security systems.

We can also provide a range of tailored Training Solutions available to UK Government customers only, this is not limited to Special Forces training to cover the spectrum from Counter Terror to Non-conventional; and conventional forces skills, to cover the spectrum from peacekeeping to full engagement.

Bespoke Training Solutions include:

  • Self Defence and Conflict Management Training
  • Hostile Environment Preparation
  • Counter-terrorism Awareness Training
  • Progressive On-Road Driver Training
  • Off-Road Driver Training
  • Medical Recovery Planning
  • Immediate First Aid Training
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Preparation
  • Travel Safety Training
  • Situational Awareness Training
  • Anti-Surveillance & Tradecraft Training
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®)

For assistance with Training requirements call us on 0203 781 9300 or email