Security Audit

Security Audit

Security Audit

A Security Audit is the assessment of the organisation of people, technology and practices that protects the physical assets within your space; including personnel, networks, security equipment, and other hardware.

Auditing these systems means fully examining each piece of the security system framework, and the procedures that manage the framework.

Security Audits can enable compliance with requirements from many regulatory bodies and standards organisations, including certification authorities and even government agencies.

Matrix provides our clients with enhanced and robust security systems which are vital to safeguard their assets and sensitive information.

Security Audit solutions are designed to assess:

  • Human risks (eg Burglary)
  • Crime risks (eg Hacking)
  • Physical risks (eg Fire)
  • Natural risks (eg Weather)
  • IT risks (eg Network deficiency)
  • Structural risks (eg Security deficiency)
  • Personnel risks (eg bad practices)

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